This blog has a purpose

My purpose is not to gain followers.

It’s not to impress you and make you want to like me or believe what I say.

This blog, is to open your eyes, your mind, and show that the world, YOUR world will change. If you let it. If you accept it. If you try, and if you know.

This blog is based on the youtube channel StormCloudsGathering. We both share similar ideas and interests. To inform and spread knowledge and love. I do NOT take any credit for Stormcloudsgathering and am merely a supporter.

I do however care deeply about the message he is spreading and believe in it more than any other belief.

I believe that America is corrupt and it needs fixing and the people are the only answer. The government can never fix our economy. It will NEVER be fixed unless the people unite and that, is what this blog is about. It’s about spreading knowledge, helping the people wake up and ensuring that one day our country will heal, our world will heal and America will truly be the land of the free.